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50 Important Seo Tips to Boost Your Website Rank in 2019

Help you out with SEO, here we have mentioned 50 Important SEO tips for you to rank your website in top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.

SEO » 50 Important Seo Tips to Boost Your Website Rank in 2019

Search Engine Optimization is one of the critical factors when it comes to the ranking of your website. You might be working hard in building your online business and digital presence. But, what are the things that hold you back in boosting up your visitors and sales?

And, the answer is, you are following the wrong SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization is the factor which actually helps you in boosting your sales. This is the way through which your potential customers find you.

There are four factors plays an important role when it comes to SEO:

  • Competitors' Analysis
  • Strategic approach
  • Content Optimization
  • Complete Analysis

So, these four factors play a major role in ranking your website in the best search engines through the help of Search Engine Optimization.

There are many SEO techniques, some are search engine friendly and some can negatively affect your website.

Here is the list of different types of SEO techniques:

  • White Hat Search Engine Optimization;
  • Black Hat Search Engine Optimization;
  • Grey Hat Search Engine Optimization, &
  • Negative Search Engine Optimization

All the above SEO techniques vary based on results (time), cost, risk, and value. So, how you can implement SEO on your site and boost up your visitors and sales?

Here is the list of 50 Search Engine Optimization tips you must use to improve your website's search rankings:


security of a website is significant nowadays; the website owner should improve the trust factor of his/her website by investing in the SSL Certificate. HTTPS is given slightly better search engine rankings.

2. Internal Linking:

is helpful in increasing your website's traffic and search engine rankings.

3. Backlinks:

are one of the effective off-page SEO technique in which every website owner should focus on.

4. Mobile Friendliness:

of your website is very important nowadays, as more than 50% of traffic comes through it.

5. Meta Description:

helps in increasing your website's Click through Rate (CTR), adding a proper Meta description would help visitors in finding what they are looking for.

6. Image SEO:

can drive more traffic to your website, if it did properly.

7. Proper Title Tag:

optimization can be very helpful in better rankings.

8. Social Integration:

helps your visitors to share your website/content easily.

9. URL Structure:

strengthens your product categories.

10. Best Content:

play a significant role in boosting up your site.

11. Use 301 redirects:

when a page or product is discontinued.

12. Fast Site:

is very important to reduce bounce rate and get a good ranking.

13. Include Category Pages to Website's Home Page:

to get a well-organized category level navigation, an important factor for the website's success.

14. Header Tags:

proper arrangement, very important, as it becomes very helpful in SEO.

15. Keyword Research:

is very helpful in ranking your site for a particular keyword.

16. Publishing the fresh content:

can help you in increasing rankings.

17. Avoid over optimization:

to make the place on top pages, because Google penalizes those websites that don't look natural.

18. Understand & believe the process:

of Search Engine Optimization, results don't come overnight, it's a long-term process.

19. Making website user-friendly:

is also one of the crucial factors for SEO.

20. Publishing unique content:

is a very important factor to avoid getting penalized from Google, so you should publish the content which is Plagiarism free.

21. Improve the website's speed:

another important factor for SEO.

22. Relevant titles for the post:

is important for SEO.

23. Sitemap:

helps Google to find your site's pages & crawl them.

24. Regular Publishing:

is important from an SEO perspective.

25. Protect from negative SEO:

to avoid your website getting penalized.

26. Be up to date with keyword rankings:

which you can check from Google Console.

27. Social Sharing:

outreach is one of the effective ways to build backlinks and relationships.

28. Using Google Webmaster Tools:

is mandatory for every website owners, it provides you insights and suggestions.

29. Avoid using flash:

they might be cool and pretty, but they are not good for SEO.

30. Stop linking to random websites:

because there might be some bad websites, that will rank you down.

31. Using a short domain:

can boost up your website rankings.

32. Using a short URL:

also can increase the website's ranking.

33. Fix broken pages:

to improve your rankings.

34. Don't Pay for backlinks:

because they are very ineffective.

35. Use custom robots.txt:

prevent crawling pages you don't want to get indexed.

36. Highlight keywords:

with Bold, Italic or Underline tools.

37. Lengthy content:

plays a significant role in SEO factor.

38. Use descriptive alt text for images:

to rank your images in the search engine.

39. Informative content:

and detailed content would rank better.

40. Guest blog:

on websites that are genuine and relevant.

41. Disavow bad links:

so that website's ranking would not affect adversely.

42. Voice search optimization:

can send your website a huge traffic, if you know how to optimize it correctly.

43. Improve user experience:

because users' activities are monitored by search engines.

44. Add videos:

to your website attract users and keep them engaged.

45. Rank for Featured Snippets:

to show up on search engine results page just after Ads.

46. Using LSI Keywords:

would enable targeting more keywords including the short tail and long tail.

47. Outbound links:

to some genuine and authority website could positively affect SEO.

48. Set up Google My Business:

if it makes sense for your business type.

49. Use digits, brackets or parentheses in titles:

to grab more attention.

50. Mobile-First Indexing:

consist of the mobile version of your site to be a primary version of the site.


Search Engine Optimization becomes one of the complicated tasks for new digital marketers nowadays. SEO is not a short-term task which can show results overnight. SEO is a long-term process as well as continuous process; you should never stop doing. If you stop doing SEO, the site's ranking would be down in a certain period of time.

So, to help you out with SEO, here we have mentioned 50 Best SEO tips for you to rank your website in top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.