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20 Ways to Gain Seo Ranking Using Google Trends In 2020

How to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research in 2019 ? Here, We Discuss 20 Different Ways Through Which You Can Use Google Trends for Better Seo and to Gain More Visitors to Your Website.

SEO » 20 Ways to Gain Seo Ranking Using Google Trends In 2020

Google Trends, the online search tool by Google that allows you to see how often various phrases, subjects, specific keywords, and topics have been queried on Google search engine over a specific period of time. It works by analyzing a portion of searches on Google to calculate how many searches have been done for the specific keyword you have entered on that tool.

So, Google Trends is one of the best free online tools for bloggers right now. Because it provides every piece of information about what is trending in different countries. Using this online tool is quite simple, but do you know there are many ways to use this tool.

What is google trends

Google Trends

What is google trends?

“Google Trends Is a Website by Google That Analyzes the Popularity of Top Search Queries in Google Search Across Various Regions and Languages. The Website Uses Graphs to Compare the Search Volume of Different Queries over Time.”

How to Use Google Trends

Here are 20 different ways to use Google trends for better SEO:

1. Create and optimize your content for seasonal trends

Google trends can help you in creating and optimizing the seasonal content. You might have an existing content which peaks on seasonal trends; you can optimize your existing content through Google Trends.

Whenever any festival or any event's date arrives, we can see the peak of the number of searches. We need to create the content or optimize the old one, way before the festival or event date.

Bloggers and website owners are making a lot of money by using this method. They optimize their existing content with the help of Google Trends and the content gets more traffic during any particular season, event or festival.

2. Keep finding trending topics to cover

Search Trending Topics

Search Trending Topics

Google Trends is the tool to find out trending topics in the world. It helps you in finding some trending stuffs, which are booming in Google searches.

You should keep finding trending stuff because trending topics generate you more traffic in the shorter span of time. Finding trending topics and posting content on that, also helps you in keeping your audience aware about the stuff going around.

3. Gauge the demand for your product/service in a specific region

Google Trends are also effective in gauging the data for the demand for your product or service in a particular region of the world. The demand for your product or service would not be the same in all the regions or areas; it helps you in analyzing your product's demand in a particular region.

Hence, by considering the demand for your product in any region or city, you would spend your time and money accordingly.

4. You can find relevant, new and long tail keywords

As we know, keywords are very crucial for ranking any post. To rank a post, you need to do deep keyword research and find out some unique and relevant keywords. There are many online tools available to do keywords research.

Google Trends can help you in finding the keywords that are relevant and new. It is one of the effective tools for keyword researching.

5. You can pinpoint the root cause of the decline in organic traffic

Many times, your top blog post started to get a decline in organic traffic, remember, it's not always your blog post's fault. There is the possibility that your keyword has lost its popularity and ultimately organic traffic for that keyword starts to drop.

Hence, Google Trends is the tool for you to analyze keywords of your post and pinpoint the root cause of the decline in its organic traffic.

6. Learn the amount of traffic on a particular keyword

Google Trends can help you in knowing the amount of traffic by putting a particular keyword or topic. When you enter the topic or keyword, it provides you the detailed analysis of that keyword.

The data got from Google Trends helps you in knowing which keyword or topic is better and has potential, you mold your SEO strategy accordingly.

7. Plan Future Content

As we know, digital marketing is getting tougher day by day; the marketer without any strategy would not survive long in this market. So, it is mandatory for every marketer to have a strategy and future plans for their content.

Google Trends help marketers to build a digital marketing strategy and plan for their future content, by analyzing various keywords and topics.

8. Gain insights for Content Marketing

You might have good quality content or product, but the sale is affected mainly due to your content marketing strategy. Quality also matters, but if you are good at marketing, it can highly impact your sale.

Google Trends provides you the data for your content marketing. You can market your content based on the data received from Google Trends.

9. Short-term insights

Short-term insights are helpful for a short view, such as 90 days or 30 days. Short-term insights are useful in content marketing. When we scale down for a specific keyword or topic to 30 days or 15 days, there we can see what days of week or month, the keyword or topic is at peak.

10. Keyword by Geography

Google Trends has the capability to filter down keywords based on geographical location. Through this keyword geographical analysis, you get an idea on which geographical location is best and you can target the location which is best for your keywords.

Keywords popularity based on geographic location, useful in content creation, pay per click, link building, and content promotion.

11. Rising Queries

This online tool also has the ability to gain insights into keyword phrases that are rising gradually. Possibly, finding out rising queries is the most useful feature of Google Trends.

When you type keyword phrase, you need to select Rising Queries section, it would give you twenty-five related search queries that are trending upwards gradually. These search queries also help you in knowing how your customers are changing.

12. Year in Search

Year in search helps you in knowing what trending stuffs was last year. For example, if you click on the year in search right now, it will show you all the top trending stuff of 2018.

It displays you trending items based on their categories such as News, Searches, Actors, People, Athletes, Fashion brands, Diet, Food, Movies, How to, TV Shows, Weddings and many more items. This lets you know the last year's data of searches and you should compare it with present searches and find out whether any topic has potential right now.

13. Use data for YouTube videos optimization

Google Trends is also equally effective for video optimization just like a blog post or any other content optimization. All you need to do is switch from web search to YouTube search, it will show data accordingly.

Similarly, for the blog post, you can also check out related topics and related queries when using Google Trends for YouTube videos optimization.

14. Identify Blind spots

When making strategy for any keyword, make sure you are aware of blind spots and plan accordingly. To know blind spots of a particular keyword, Google Trends tool becomes very useful.

There are some keywords that are on the very high peak for a certain period of time after the initial buzz wears off; it gets right back down to its usual rate. So, a marketer should know blind spots of keywords that they are planning to work on.

15. Obtain more accurate data

Unlike other free online search tools, Google Trends is one of the most effective tools for online search queries. The data provided by this tool is free and is the most accurate. Although, most of the online search tools copy their data from Google Trends only. So, if you are new to the market and looking for a genuine data provider, Google Trends is the best tool.

16. Upward trending Long range trends

The keywords which are trending upwards for a longer period of time can be very effective for you. It gives you a proper idea for creating content. This type of keywords is a goldmine for you. All you need to do is to analyze keywords with this trend, create content, publish it and work on its SEO.

17. Downward Long Range trends

The keywords which are trending downward for a long range should be avoided. These keywords are not going to gain any traffic because they are following a downward trend for a long period of time.

18. Plan publishing schedule

Google Trends help you in planning the schedule or time to publish the content you have created. It lets you know the best time to publish to gain effective results.

For example, if you have a website on how to do things, the best times for you to publish your content is Sunday, Monday or Wednesday, and then you should send out an email to your subscribers.

19. Keywords by Category

'Keyword by Category' feature allows you to filter the data or topic or keywords based on categories. You can find out the best keyword for your website's category or niche.

20. Use of cyclical trends for brand positioning

Through Google Trends, you can find out the data, keywords, or topic that has cyclical trends. This tool helps you to find some additional keywords to position upcoming/future posts handle the return on cyclical trends.


This online tool has been changed a lot over the few passing years, but the principles of this tool are the same. It added many new features to improve the experience of the marketer in using this search tool. If you spend some time analyzing various keywords in Google Trends, you can discover a lot of relevant keywords.

Here, we have seen 20 different ways through which you can use Google Trends for better SEO and to gain more visitors to your website.