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Where should I place Google AdSense Ads for better CTR?

You can increase AdSense earning by Proper placement of your google ads. In this article, we'll discuss about the placement of ads for getting good CTR.

Adsense Ads » Where should I place Google AdSense Ads for better CTR?

For a blogger, who is using Google AdSense to monetize his/her blog website, would always look for how he/she can increase the AdSense CTR, to boost his/her AdSense earnings? Where he/she should place Ads for better CTR?

Use responsive ads for sites with responsive web design. It will boost your website CTR. You can automatically control the size of responsive ads using a single piece of ad code.

As we know, Google AdSense is the Ad network in which, you are getting paid based on clicks your Ads are getting, not by impressions. AdSense provides a good CPC and it is the best CPC based network, the main problem with Google AdSense is it does not provide money based on CPM.

Here are some ways through which a blogger can get better CTR in Google AdSense:

Google Ads Blocks

1. Place AdSense Ads on all Ad blocks

This could be one of the main reasons why you are not getting enough CTR. You should use all the Ad blocks to increase a better CTR in AdSense. Use all Ad blocks and make them bigger, because it gets more clicks than a smaller Ad block.

Place a 320x100 mobile ad above the fold. This is the most valuable spot.

2. Post at least 2 'in-article' Ads within the post content

'In-article' Ads are effective because they are placed inside the post, within the post content. A user comes to your website for the purpose of reading content when you post Ad within the content, it gets more clicks and hence, there will be better CTR.

3. Place Ad under the first paragraph of the content

This could be one of the best performing Ad you have placed. You should place one Ad of regular 300x250 Ad block just under the first paragraph of the article/blog post.

4. Use 1-2 'Link Ads' within the post content

Using 'Link Ads' is one of the effective ways to get more CTR. Link Ads are shown as a text and when someone clicks on the text, the new link opens and forwarded to the advertiser's link. They get you more CTR because the user clicks on the link by seeing the text displayed on the Ad block.


As we have seen, there are many ways through which you can increase clicks on your AdSense Ads and increase your revenue. Sometimes, the placement of AdSense Ads is also based on the type of your blog website.

Also, you should analyze your website from a user's perspective and place Ads accordingly, but the above mentioned are some effective ways to get more Ad clicks.