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Best 7 Tips to prevent your Google AdSense From Getting Banned

Google Adsense is very strict about their policies and terms. Here are some important tips to prevent your Google AdSense from getting banned

Adsense Ads » Best 7 Tips to prevent your Google AdSense From Getting Banned

Google AdSense is the main source of income for many bloggers and if it gets disabled, it is difficult to get enable the AdSense account back. A blogger should consider many factors if their website is showing Google AdSense ads or they have the plan to show AdSense ads.

Generally, new bloggers make some mistakes and their AdSense account gets disabled.

So, here are some tips, to prevent your Google AdSense from getting banned :

1. Avoid invalid traffic & invalid clicks

Invalid traffic to your website could lead to your AdSense account disabled another factor impact your AdSense account is having invalid clicks on Google Ads. As an effective blogger, you should always stay away from both of these. But, most of the bloggers lose their AdSense account due to invalid clicks.

2. Don't carry any illegal activity through your website

Carrying out illegal activities through your website can make your account disable because it is against the terms of Google AdSense. It does not allow you to show up their Ads on the website which carries illegal activities.

3. Don't collab with untrusted parties

If your website has a good amount of visitors coming every month, you might be collaborating with different brands. But, collaborating with untrusted brands is a bad idea. Doing so might shut your Google AdSense account so, it is better to stay away from collaborating with such parties.

4. Don't show mature content

You should never post any mature content to your website if you want to keep showing the Google AdSense Ads. Because it is against their policies, doing so will lead to the ban of your AdSense account by Google.

5. Don't use plagiarized content in your website

Plagiarized content is the factor which can disable your AdSense account as well as it can rank down from the Google and almost all the search engines. Now, you know whether your content is plagiarized? There are different tools available online that lets you know your content is plagiarized or not. One of those popular online tools is CopyScape.

6. Alteration of AdSense code

To use some tricks, many publishers alter the Ad code in a manner that it gets more clicks. You are not allowed to alter or make any changes to the Ad code you have.

7. Paid Traffic

If you are thinking of buying traffic for your AdSense enabled website, don't do that. Use of paid traffic is not permitted by Google hence; you should not go for paid traffic to increase your revenue in AdSense.


You should be very conscious about the content you are posting to your AdSense enabled website. Google has different Terms regarding Google AdSense invalid activities. As an effective blogger, you should not make above-mentioned mistakes.

Google bots always monitoring and checking the content you are uploading, the activity your website undertaking, when it founds some invalid activities, it is understood through the manual process and at last, if any invalid activity found in your site, your Google AdSense account becomes disabled by Google.