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How to Verify Your Identity On Google Adsense Account in 2019

What Are the Main Factors to Consider While Verifying Your Identity on Getting Adsense Payment in 2019? This Post Will Help You to Verify Your Identity Without Failed

Adsense Ads » How to Verify Your Identity On Google Adsense Account in 2019

Mostly, Google AdSense is the main source of revenue for most of the bloggers nowadays, especially for brand new bloggers. Google AdSense is the best Ad network with high CPC. Generally, new bloggers do not have knowledge of affiliate marketing and due to their less audience; Google AdSense is the best revenue source for them.

But, getting AdSense approval is a bit difficult due to its strict rules; they prefer those websites which are of high quality. For a new blogger, there are many factors to consider while verifying the identity and address on Google AdSense. Here are some of the factors a blogger should consider:

1. Double-check the address provided

You need to double-check the address provided by you and make sure it is specific and write properly. Sometimes, bloggers do not write their addresses properly and they do not get verification letter at their address. Hence, you should double-check the address you provide.

2. Name on Bank Account and AdSense Account is the same

You should make sure the name you have provided to Google AdSense on personal details and the bank account you are going to add in AdSense account should have the same name.

3. Double-check the verification code before submitting it

When you finally receive the verification code from Google AdSense, you should double-check it before submitting, because you have only 3 chances available to enter the right verification code.

4. Upload your identity photo properly

Sometimes, some bloggers do not pass through verification also due to uploading an improper photo, it might be blurry or captured in low light. Hence, you should take care of uploading your identification photo properly.


So, you should consider above-mentioned factors carefully while verifying your identity and address for Google AdSense account in getting payment.