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Google AdSense Fundamentals - Earn Money from Google

Learn five essential factors you must understand before starting with Google Adsense. Fundamentals of Google Adsense by studying them; a new blogger can easily approve and earn money from your blog website for Adsense.

Adsense Ads » Google AdSense Fundamentals - Earn Money from Google

Google AdSense is the best CPC (Cost per Click) advertising network which pays its publisher, for advertisement, based on the Ad clicks they have got. At present, there are more than 2 million publishers connected with Google AdSense. Behind this huge number of publishers connected with AdSense, main reasons are its high CPC and trust factor.

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Nowadays, it is a bit tougher to get Google AdSense approval, because of its new updates and strict regulations. There many factors why a website is not getting approval. If a blogger does not consider all the factors properly, there are no chances of getting their website approved.

Here are some fundamentals of Google Adsense by studying them; a new blogger can easily approve his/her blog website for Adsense:

1. How to get Google AdSense approval?

This is the most asked question, generally, it is asked by brand new bloggers, because they are not aware of Google's rules and restrictions on AdSense approval. So, if you are a new blogger, what steps you should follow to get AdSense account approved?

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Adsense Approved

Google Adsense Successfully Approved

(I) write in-depth content

This is the factor which many bloggers do not follow properly. Google always likes the content which is written in detail and quality. Writing in-depth content would also help you in boosting search engine rankings. When writing a blog article make sure it must be of around 400 to 500 words.

(II) Publish more posts

New bloggers want Google AdSense approval after posting 3-4 posts in total, unfortunately, it is very difficult to get AdSense approved with few posts published, unless, you have written quality articles and with more detailed explanation. So, your blog should have published 20-25 articles.

(III) Add important pages to your blog

When you submit an application for approval, Google AdSense analyzes each and every factor of your website. Hence, adding important pages such as about us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, etc. to your blog is very important.

(IV) Use a clean Blog design

This is another factor which new bloggers should take into consideration while they are willing to apply for Google AdSense. When you apply for AdSense, make sure you have used clean and simple blog design, because keeping it simple is more effective for blog websites.

(V) Don't use copyright images

This important factor you should consider before you submit your application for approval, make sure you haven't used any copyrighted image on your blog, this mistake is generally done by new bloggers. Newbies simply copy an image from random sources and upload to their website, you should avoid doing this.

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2. How to cancel and Reactivate AdSense account?

According to Google AdSense rules, you cannot withdraw your AdSense money unless it reaches its threshold limit, $100. This is a bit high threshold by the company. Sometimes some bloggers want urgent money, what they can do? They can cancel and reactivate their account; it helps them in withdrawing the amount which does not reach the threshold limit yet.

Adsense Cancelled

Your account was canceled - Mail from Google AdSense

The factor to consider before following this process:

  • Minimum account balance should be more than $10
  • You have address verified to your AdSense account

If you do not meet any of these requirements, do not follow the process. First, you have to cancel your account and when you receive the payment, you can send a request for reactivation.

3. How to verify the identity?

For new bloggers, it is another important fundamental they should consider when applied for Google AdSense network. If there is a single minor mistake you have submitted with AdSense, it will not approve your account. So, you need to double-check information before submitting the application.

To verify your address, AdSense sends you the speed post, which includes verification code and you have to enter on your account then you have your address verified.

To verify your identity, AdSense asks for a Government issued ID and also asks for bank statement, rent receipt or telephone bill. Also, make sure you have captured the image properly. The identity verification process may take a few days.

Supported document types:

  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • National Identity Card

Tips on submitting your documents:

  • Capture the entire document, the photo should be readable and in focus.
  • Keep your image free of reflections and glare.
  • Incomplete or obstructed documents or dark or blurry photos won't be accepted.
  • To prevent abuse, we allow a limited number of verification attempts.
  • Uploading documents or photos other than your ID may result in account suspension.

If you can't verify your identity by uploading proper documents, you got a mail from Google AdSense Team.

Adsense Cancelled

Google AdSense: Unable to verify your identity - Mail from Google AdSense

Many times, bloggers do submit their legit information but still, they do not get AdSense approval only because they submitted a blurry image or have not captured it properly. So, you need to consider such minor things when you want to get your website approved with Google AdSense.

4. How to contact Google AdSense?

Many new bloggers fail different issues in Google AdSense and the solution for each of their issues is available on the internet so how to solve their issue related AdSense? Is there any way to contact Google AdSense?

Yes, you can contact Google AdSense and solve your issue, There is Google Adsense Community


You can e-mail them at - adsense-support@google.com

So, these are two ways through which you can contact Google AdSense.

5. How to use AdMob?

AdMob is another advertising network of Google, which is made for the monetization of mobile applications. AdMob is available for both platforms, Android and IOS.

Generally, money a publisher can earn from the website is lower than the money a publisher can earn from AdMob mobile ads. It provides a good user experience by adjusting Ads according to the screen size.

You can create mobile app install campaigns by connecting Google AdMob with Google AdWords. AdMob is one of the best ways to promote your mobile app with both free and paid way.

In AdMob, you can cross-sell your other apps or friends' other apps and you can also sell more in-app purchases. By selling more in-app purchases, you can generate more revenue by promoting your app to users that are more likely to purchase your app.


We have seen some fundamentals of Google AdSense, and Google AdSense is the main source of income for most of the bloggers. The main reason why most publishers choose the Google AdSense network over any other advertising network is because of its high CPC, but getting AdSense approved becomes a bit difficult nowadays due to the company's strict regulations.

Hence, we have seen five important Google AdSense fundamentals which are very useful to publishers, especially new ones.