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Unminify HTML, CSS, JS

Unminify tool is used to reformat or uncompress all web elements like JS, CSS and HTML codes. Use this online tool as a formatter or a beautifier.

Simply Beautify or Unminify Your HTML, CSS and Javascript Code

Just copy and paste your valid HTML,CSS,JS codes into the text box below and click the unminify button to format your codes. The tool will allow copy your formatted codes.

Paste your codes

What is Unminify?

The Unminify is the reverse process of Minify. The web designers and developers minify website elements like JavaScript(JS), CSS and HTML for better performance of web pages.

What is the minification process anyway?

Minification is the process to eliminate unwanted white spaces, comments from the script, CSS, and HTML file.
So, this will reduce the size of web elements and your web page is rendered faster and load pages quickly. It is a very important factor that searching engines are looking to deliver web pages in less time and it is very easy to get all content of the web page by the search engines.
When web servers can load your web pages quickly, simply it makes the user experience much better. Users are not waiting a long time to load a web page and they leave within 1 to 3 seconds, it will cause to increase in the bounce rate.
So that when we have improved the page performance, it will lead to many search engine rankings all the time.

Then, why we need to unminify your codes

The web designers and developers are worked on different jquery, javascript, css elements daily. These files are not readable and not easier to add or remove some features.
You can use an unminify online tool to make it more readable, but you will have a weighty job of reverse engineering to understand what this code does.
Generally, the unminify tool does different operations, it used for formatting or beautify your scripts, HTML and css files.
In our sites, there are different tools available HTML formatter, css unminify, and js beautifier, etc. But these tools are not used to unminfy all web page elements together.

Can I Use this tool as a formatter or a beautifier?

To make your minified code to better formatted and easily editable, then you can use this simple formatter or beautifier tool.
This free online formatter and validator will help you to set better indentation and increase readability level.
Then, how to use this simple formatter or beautifier tool?
It is very simple and easy to use the tool. Simply paste your HTML codes containing js or css into the box and click the unminify button to format or beautify your code. The Online Unminify is a free online tool is unminify all web elements together (JavaScript, CSS and HTML code) and making it readable and pretty.