Unminify JS, CSS and HTML Code

Unminify tool is used to reformat or uncompress all web elements like JS, CSS and HTML codes. Use this online tool as a formatter or a beautifier.

Just copy and paste your valid HTML,CSS,JS codes into the text box below and click the unminify button to format your codes.
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Unminify JS, CSS, HTML Codes Online

If you're a developer, you may have minimized your code to improve website performance. Did you ever use unminify JS, CSS, and HTML code later for editing purposes? How can you remove JS, CSS and HTML code? Well, it's pretty easy to decompress JS, CSS, and HTML in your editor. Most editors have this option by default. However, in some cases, we need further format the code in some way to simplify its use. This tool uses multiple regular expressions (and sometimes a split, followed by a join) to generate the cleaned up codes. I have attached a smaller example if you want to give it a try.

The easiest way to check a site's JS, CSS and HTML code is to use a tool like a firebug on Firefox. However, sometimes you still want to see the full source to see browser-specific hacks that are not displayed in firebug, or just to take a look at how someone can organize their codes.

HTML De Compressor or Unminify HTML tool is utilized to get back your HTML files in its main formats. When the developer develops the site, the developer tries to lessen the HTML document size by expelling the undesirable space, comments well. Evacuate the space between one tag to another tag all the tags originate from each other. The complete document will in a single line. From beginning to closure all code in the single line. So you need to make this file in readable formats. For this, you can use this unminfy HTMLtool.

Unminify CSS tool decompresses the compressed CSS code. If you write code during development and compress the code and use it on the site. If you want to change something about the styles, it should be difficult to edit the compressed CSS. Because compressed CSS is removed, all spaces and formatting of the code are removed. Therefore, it is difficult for people to understand. So you need to make this file in readable formats. For this, you can use this unminfy CSS tool.

With Unminify JS or decompressor, you can restore your JS file to its original format. During development time, developers want to reduce the size of JS file by removing the unwanted space comment from the file. Remove the distance between one day and another day. All tags are from each other. The entire file is displayed in one line. From the beginning to the end of the entire file in one line. After compression, they are not easy to understand because it has no formatting. This will allow you to unminify JS file.