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Unminify CSS Online tool is used to convert the minified style sheet into Decompress/Uncompress codes. Use this online tool as a css formatter or a css beautifier.

Unminify CSS

Best Unminify CSS online tool. The formatter or beautifier tool is used to convert unminified style sheet codes into a readable form. This tool will unminify,rеformat and rеindеnt ugly CSS codе,making it rеadablе again. Copy and paste your valid CSS codes into the text box below and click the unminify button to format your style sheet. The tool will allow copy your formatted style sheet.

Paste your CSS codes

The Unminify CSS Tool

There are several tools available on the internet that can enable someone to minify CSS code. I am sure some of us will just be hearing this for the first time or might have heard it and do not know what it means. Well, do not worry because this piece is designed to shed some light on and show you some tools you can use to unminify css. Minify or minification can be defined as the process whereby unnecessary characters such as newline characters, comments, white space characters and so on, are being erased or removed from a code( CSS in this case)without having an effect on its functionality. The minified CSS code which comes out, as a result, turns out to be optimized and is a reduced version of the original file in size. When this is done, it will be improving your site’s load time, enhancing its connectivity speed.

The main reason why this process is being taken is just to improve site performance. Nowadays, a majority of the theme developers out there use minified CSS in their themes in order to enhance its performance, the disadvantage of this action is that the ability customize and enjoy the ease of use is being restricted from many users. Due to the fact that a minified code is usually very difficult to edit and there are multiple situations whereby developers want to edit their code, a pattern has been developed to help make the formatting and editing of minified code easier. Applications like css beautifier and css unminifier are been used whenever such a situation arises. Now you can easily format and edit your code with the use of the wide range of editors and IDE’s as well as online tools that are available for use.

The tool that can be used to Unminify CSS / Uncompress CSS codes

This is a free online tool that gives anyone free access to transform, decompress, beautify or unminify minified CSS to nicely formatted and indented CSS. It only makes changes to the minified CSS and put in a form where it will be readable by humans. All you need to do is paste or type in your code directly into the tool, or you can use the option where you enter a URL that the code can be gotten from. After doing this, click on the “Process CSS” button and in a short period of time decompressed CSS code will be provided for you a result.

It also regarded as CSS Formatter and optimizer that depends on csstidy 1.3. It is equipped with a lot of customizations that you can use to format your CSS code into your preferred taste and style.

This tool offers the option of formatting CSS files by users with the chosen indentation level for optimal readability. 4 indentation levels are being supported by this tool namely: 2 spaces, 3 spaces, 4 spaces, and tabs.

The online JavaScript compressor will help you optimize your scripts for a better page loading speed.


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