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SEO Keyword Density Checker Tool

Seo Keyword Density Checker Online tool used to convert to your Url / Html / Text to ONE-TWO-THREE keyword phrases along with its frequency and keyword density.

Input your content or URL and get ONE-TWO-THREE keyword phrases. When you are uploading HTML or URL, the keyword density tool will consider the content that is visible to the visitors.



What It is - Keyword Density Checker Tool

Keyword density is one of the key factors for a quality website. Your keyword density must be between 2 and 4%, depending on your desired keyword. If your density is higher than your website, Google may penalize you for keyword stuffing. To get the keyword density, you can use synonyms, move words, or add much other content that does not contain a specific keyword.

The Keyword Density is the percentage density of a certain keyword or keyword combination on a webpage. Keyword Density calculation examples Keyword Density is the frequency of the keyword on the page divided by the total number of words on that page. You can make a mathematical calculation of this: Total number of words on 1 page / divided by the keyword = Keyword Density.

How search engines handle keywords?

Not having your focus keyword appear frequently in a text is almost impossible. If you rarely use this keyword, it may seem to the search engines and the reader that this is not the main topic of the page. In addition to keyword density, search engines also look at the location of the keyword. Is it only somewhere in the last paragraph or is the focus keyword mentioned in the first paragraph and the headline? The more prominent the place is, the better this is for search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, it is also pleasant for the reader. After all, the focus keyword is the landmark!

Keyword Density Algorithm

The density is determined by an algorithm of the various search engines. The search engine spiders look at all words in, among others:

  • The domain name,
  • Url,
  • Meta tags,
  • Title tag,
  • Alternate text tag for images,
  • Links (internal and external), and
  • Header tags in particular <h1> & <h2> and bold text with the help of a <strong> or <b> HTML description will be relatively more important than other text parts.

So if you want to be found on the words "pc, sales, Amersfoort" then these words must appear in the text, in the most natural way possible with the right density. Never write texts with as many keywords as possible, but write easily readable texts. A little optimization of the text won't hurt, in fact, it's the way to process a word or multiple words naturally. But don't make it an unreadable story!

Measure and improve your keyword density

There are various tools on the internet that you can use to view the keyword density of your texts. If the keyword density checker indicates a score of approximately 3% or less, you are usually in the right place. If you have a WordPress website and have downloaded an SEO plug-in, the keyword density is also displayed here. WordPress recommends a maximum keyword density of 2.5%. Keywords in meta tags such as the title description are often not included.

Here in this keyword density tool you just need to drop your site URL, your domain name, html content or plain text in the text box and after pressing the button you will get a percentage of keywords on your webpage. This is one of the best Seo Keyword Density Checker Online which shows exact results according to the formula and algorithm which we explain above.